Projects updates

A huge thank-you for all of your continued support via donations and social media mentions and shares since we launched in August.  As you know, thanks to your support we surpassed our target of CHF100K earlier this year, a huge achievement proving what a wonderful and generous community of givers you are.

Below is a summary update on our

The other exciting news is we are launching a new campaign in time for the Christmas period aimed at children and families. XPATRIA is partnering with Children focused NGOs and Local Neighborhood Shops to issue XPATRIA Vouchers to the most vulnerable children and families in Lebanon. Be sure to donate and share our posts with your network!

We kindly remind you that your donation is tax deductible in Switzerland! Please refer to the receipt that you have received upon donating, which also serves as a tax receipt. Should you have lost it, please contact us to get a duplicate. 

Thanks again for your continued support, let’s keep making an impact in our homeland!


XPATRIA Emergency Fund for Lebanon

We are pleased to inform you that XPATRIA has finalized the project selection with our partner NGOs  Beit El BarakaAl GhinaNusaned  and Lebanon Needs and has started disbursing your donations. The projects are in the domains of reconstruction, family and medical support. The projects were selected with great attention given to impact and traceability, in cooperation with our third quality assurance partner 3QA. We have also been on Site visits to ensure project selection will maximize the impact of your donations. We will continue updating you on the progress of the projects and we thank you again for your invaluable donation. With your help, we are creating impact in Lebanon!

XPATRIA Site visits in Beirut

Early November 2020 we performed site visits in Beirut alongside our partner NGO’s. We were proud to witness their professionalism and above all the humanity and dedication of their teams on the ground! In the blatant absence of State authorities, we have found the collaboration among the NGOs to be remarkably well organised seeing the very difficult circumstances in which they operate on the ground. And most crucially, we have witnessed the enormity of the damage, both physical and psychological, and the extent of work that will still be needed for years to come. This only reinforces our belief in and dedication to our mission. 


Nusaned’s headquarters are in Mar Mikhail, the area hit hardest by the August 4th explosion, and houses both their operations team and warehouse. The NGO is focusing on reconstruction and rehabilitation of private homes and businesses in the areas under responsibility. XPATRIA has toured the areas and visited sites of work both shops and homes, and has decided to focus its aid efforts on the supply of essential appliances to affected families that are catered to by Nusaned. This will help us maximize the impact of the donated amounts. 

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Lebanon Needs

We have toured the Quarantina Government Hospital which was rendered inoperative after the explosion and where Lebanese Needs has undertaken essential repair works, as witnessed not only by the visible results but also by the warm testimonies received from hospital staff. We also visited one of the clinics that Lebanon Needs operates, in Monot area, where patients are redirected from their doctors’ network for care and basic testing. Your donations will be used to provide enhanced medical care to Lebanon Needs’ network of beneficiaries. 

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Beit El Barak

This well-established NGO operates a free supermarket in Achrafieh, catering for families in need with a system of food vouchers. All produce is sourced locally and provided fairly to the network of beneficiaries. It has also embarked upon a large reconstruction project further to the explosion, rehabilitating buildings and homes in the areas affected by the explosion, with emphasis on heritage homes. Your donations will go towards sponsoring support vouchers for a group of families most affected by the explosion. 

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El Ghina

This NGO operates a network of family support schemes for the most deprived populations in Lebanon. We have witnessed the vigor and dedication of the team, and had the opportunity to meet some of the beneficiary families, witnessing various tragic circumstances that need urgent assistance. Your donations will go towards sustainably supporting a group of selected families that have been affected by the recent events, ranging from providing childcare to enable parents to work, settling unpaid rent and debt rescheduling, to providing urgent medical interventions. 

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Shipment in-Kind

In October and November, XPATRIA alongside private groups in Geneva, have raised more than 6 tons of medical, healthcare, educational and clothing donations from the Swiss community, for distribution in Lebanon. Our container, graciously offered by MSC Foundation arrived in Beirut on November 7th and was finally cleared from the port on November 26. The goods will be distributed in cooperation with our partner NGO Lebanon Needs , and in collaboration with IRAP under the supervision of 3QA
Updates on the distributions will be updated in the following weeks.