Our Partners 

We have established a strategic partnership with 3QA, the Third Sector Quality Assurance, a social enterprise based in Beirut covering the Middle East. 3QA offers local organizations support through its programs and services that focus on holistic organizational management and excellence in governance. Through its due-diligence and monitoring program, 3QA is working with Xpatria to identify local organizations that are creating impact in the communities they serve. 

Blue Tree helps grow start-ups and small to medium-sized companies by connecting them to business partners.
Blue Tree advises CEOs and leaders with Strategic & Operational Decisions, Investor Relations, and Business Development activities. 


Partnerships are an inherent part of our approach to the project. We seek to establish partnerships with:

Diaspora groups: we will seek to partner with like-minded diaspora groups.

Xpatria’s financial sponsors: whilst our work is pro-bono, we will seek funding for our operating costs and will be open to partnerships with private, public and institutional financiers that share our vision, and willingness to help.

Media: select media partnerships will enable us to improve our visibility and market penetration with both the diaspora and receiving NGOs.  

Financial institutions: we will open select bank accounts for the donations collection and management process, as well as the costs of the association itself. Partnership with chosen banks and non-banks (card operating companies, payment portals) will be crucial to our operation.

Advisors: we will seek advisory from professionals

Partner Vetting process 

Partner Vetting process (NGO’s, Associations…) is a crucial part of our work and will be organized through a thorough internal vetting process as well as in our partnership with 3QA a specialized NGO certification company ( We will start first with a simple sample (limited to 5 partners), and gradually open up for more admissions and eventually allow the submission of initiatives that will be taken through the same vetting process. That could also allow us to help upscale such initiatives in order to have access to our platform.