XPATRIA is a crowdfunding platform aimed at Diaspora donors, channeling donations to featured home country initiatives, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With a few clicks you can donate to the project of your choice in your home country, and hopefully come back to do it again and again.

We connect you and verified receivers easily, transparently, and securely. We pay extra attention to the selection and vetting of the projects, to ensure transparency and traceability. We give you choice and project information so you can come back and donate again. We do everything we can to build your trust and be as neutral as possible.

XPATRIA is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to give and to follow the progress of your projects of choice. As a donor you simply browse through the posted projects and make your online donation in a few simple clicks. Every project is affiliated with a Non Profit Organisation that has been registered with XPATRIA.

Non-profit organisationsincluding NGO’s, CSO’s, Foundations, Associations etc., are eligible to register with XPATRIA and submit projects for funding.

  • Must be non-profit
  • Must have registration with the relevant ministry or government body
  • Must have no political affiliation and is open to all cultures, races and creeds
  • Must have established experience in the sector of intervention choses

Register my Organisation.

Eligible organisations need to register with XPATRIA, and pass our independent vetting process. You can register online via the submit my project page, click on the New NGO Registration button and follow the steps to complete and submit your registration form.

Our Non-Profit Organization Vetting Process is a crucial component of our work. We work with third-party assurance providers to vet and verify Non-Profit Organizations. These are listed in our partner section and the vetting process includes interviews, due diligence, and on-site audits.

The Non-Profit Organizations are mapped out and selected based on the impact they have on the ground, extensive experience in the sectors of intervention and access to the most vulnerable communities;

Assessment reports on the Non-Profit Organizations are produced focusing on quality areas such as governance, transparency, and accountability

If your project is in a featured home-country and aligned with at least one UN SDG, you can click on submit your project link and follow the steps to fill out the relevant forms with your information.  Every project needs to be affiliated with an approved Non Profit Organisation, contact us if you are not affiliated so that we can find a way to help. 

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