XPATRIA is a Swiss non-profit association focused on efficiently channeling diaspora funding to home-based initiatives, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
We connect donors and verified receivers easily, transparently, and securely.

Xpatria aims at stimulating and supporting the Diaspora populations’ willingness and ability to contribute to the social and economic well-being of their home countries. It is committed to advancing a culture of diaspora philanthropy by scaling up the impact of diaspora giving from the household to the country level and enabling the diaspora communities to have a broader and more sustainable Social impact. 

The Idea 

The idea was born in October of 2019, when nationwide protests broke out in Lebanon in the context of a crippling economic and political crisis, resulting in soaring unemployment and dramatic increases in poverty rates. Lebanese across the world rallied to help their fellow countrymen, directing money towards local NGO’s and private initiatives that are known mostly through word of mouth or social media.  

However, we realized that donors (ourselves included) quickly faced issues, namely: inefficient access to information, difficulty of choice and lack of trust in either the method of payment or the recipients. On the other end of the spectrum, we saw that local NGO’s also faced issues such as lack of access to a reliable donor masse, itself inherently fragmented. We concluded that Diaspora funding, despite being needed, is inherently inefficient.  

This is where the idea of Xpatria was born, out of a group of concerned expatriates in Geneva, who decided to form an association whose aim is to provide a secure, trusted medium for Diaspora groups to create a positive impact in their home countries. The basic idea is to provide security, transparency and reliability to donors, and provide donor access and visibility to receivers.  

The Crowd 

The donor community : Diasporas

We define Diaspora as individuals residing outside their countries of origin who maintain strong ties to their home countries. International Office of Migration defines diasporas as “migrants or descendants of migrants, whose identity and sense of belonging have been shaped by their migration experience and background.” Being members of a diaspora ourselves, we can totally relate to those definitions. 

Specifically, we aim at Millennials and generation Y individuals who are digitally connected and cause-oriented, as opposed to charity-oriented. They demand transparency and traceability and impact in their quest for positive change. 

The receiving community

Well established, permanently active NGO’s  and charitable organisations  with positive track record and traceable work, and who abide by the SDG’s. 

Beyond pure charities, we aim for projects that provide sustainable and measurable impact in the fields of education, health, environment, life improvement and social insertion. Those may be private or public-private partnerships that fit the same criteria. 

Our pilot phase in 2020 will focus on Lebanon, once the platform has been tested and our processes improved, we will launch in other countries. 

What we Offer 

  • A user-friendly Crowdfunding Platform.
  • Independent vetting and sourcing of projects and NGO’s.
  • Transparency and information on selected projects.
  • Enhanced online visibility for the NGO’s.
  • Neutrality in project and partner selection.
  • Tracking and Reporting .

Our Values 


We choose to be open in all our dealings from project vetting to fundraising.

We perform Due Diligence for every project before making it visible online.

We ensure a fair due diligence process and accept applications
with no discrimination.